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Survey of Packaging News from All Around the World

The survey of packaging news section provides an up-to-date information on Research and Development,  Industrial News, News Technologies, Customer Perceptions and Requirements.

The future of green packaging

Consideration for the environment shouldn’t stand in the way of good design. Darren Smith looks at innovative packages that don’t cost the Earth.

Earth-friendly packaging options by Marilyn Odesser-Torpey.

Green Packaging

Discussing a very complicated issue about the customer acceptance of the evironmentally friendly, sustainable, compostable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging solutions.

Featured Courses

Principles of Packaging (Fall)

SBIO 2104  No Prerequisites

Principles of Packaging is an easy and fun way to learn about the third largest industry. The class includes industry presentations, hands-on projects, and plant tours.

Computer-Aided Design in Packaging (Spring)

SBIO 2004 (19563) No Prerequisites

During the class, we are using state-of-the-art packaging design software suites including ESKO ArtiosCAD, ESKO Studio Suite, and CAPE to develop package designs using an integrated systems based approach.


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