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Principles of Packaging
WOOD 2104 (3 credits)

Fall 2013

All majors welcome
No prerequisites


College is when you should explore and, hopefully, find a field and career path that is right for you.  Enrolling in Principles of Packaging is an easy way to learn about a field that you may never have considered but might just be what you are seeking.  The packaging field is huge and offers many good career opportunities.  It has a very direct impact on the lives of people and on the environment.  Whether you are the artistic type, business oriented, or more technical, packaging has a career that fits your skills and interests.

Who should enroll?

Students who are interested in


analyzing the strength of glass bottles in the structural integrity laboratory Analyzing the strength of glass bottles in the structural integrity laboratory

  •  the environment and would like to learn how you can help to reduce the waste on the landfills
  • sustainability and you would like to be the one who makes a difference globally
  • design, graphics, and how graphical design influences the customer perception
  • engineering and would like to learn about how to apply the principles of dynamics and mechanics to protect the product throughout the distribution chain
  • food chemistry and would like to know why the apple sauce does not go bad on the self without using any preservatives
  • nanotechnology and polymers and would like to know how the NASA develops packaging to preserve food for the astronauts 
  • international business and marketing and would like to work in a global industry

What will be covered?


Plant tours provide a real life exposure for our students Plant tours provide a real life exposure for our students

  • Environmental aspects of packaging
  • Packaging sustainability
  • How packaging impacts people and society
  • Latest biomaterials for packaging
  • Packaging engineering process
  • Internships and careers in packaging

Principles of Packaging is an introduction to the field using hands-on laboratory activities, field trips, and guest speakers.  We discuss the environmental and sustainability aspects of packaging as well as latest developments in biomaterials.  We look at the various material used for packaging and explore how packaging impacts people and society.  If you decide to learn more, you can make packaging science your major or get a minor.


Have questions of just want to know more?   Robert Bush (, 231-8834)

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